How I found (and fell I love with!) the Skinny & Co. Coconut Oil Collection...

March 31, 2017

How I found (and fell I love with!) the Skinny & Co. Coconut Oil Collection...

It's Friday afternoon, I'm at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim and it is crowded. I mean, there are people to the left of me, right of me, in front, behind... vendors everywhere!!! It was awesome. It was amazing being surrounded by a sea of people who just wanted to get more information on how to be healthy, be engulfed in a natural lifestyle and were hungry for the tools to get there. 

So, here I am, in the sea of awesomeness, but it is starting to feel a little claustrophobic. I start to head towards the doors, feeling quite satisfied with the Expo and the brands I picked up and all of a sudden, I see this amazing kiosk set up. It's tall, full of dark wood, palm trees a bunch of white jars all around it and all I can see is 'COCONUT'. Obviously, my decision to leave quickly subsided and as I felt like I just walked into an oasis of peace, beach and beauty. 

The brand (that seduced me so with their beachy, come-hither booth) was Skinny & Co.  It's a family owned company (founded by brothers) who found a way to make coconut oil without solvents or chemicals in Vietnam. 

Turns out, they are a cruelty-free Leaping Bunny certified company that prides in their utilization of innovative, wild harvested, single origin coconut oil. Ourpatented Nutralock System crafts the coconut oil under 97 degrees F, which leaves all of the raw nutrients intact. This process results in coconut oil with higher levels of medium chain fatty acids and allows the body to absorb the oil much easier, enhancing its effectiveness.

Their prime ingredient in all of our products is our patented high-quality coconut oil. The line may be considered minimal, but every product is thoughtfully crafted and effective. The core collection consists of coconut oiloil pulling mouth washwhipped body butterfacial oillip balmshampoo and soap bars, and sugar scrub. The body butter contains 100% raw coconut oil, organic almond oil, and a blend of essential oils.

 I ended up speaking with Joy, the mother of the brothers, who received her NMD (naturopathic medical degree) and fell in love with her. She had so much light and love, was ecstatic about the product and so was everyone else. 

I was all in love with S&CO but there was still a nagging thing in my mind about how I have recently learned to NOT put coconut oil on my face. She went through the whole breakdown with me. She showed me the leading coconut oils and how much "cloudier" they are, why coconut oil does clog your pores when not pure, etc. I mean, I don't remember everything but it made sense. Then she simply handed me a sample and said, "Take this and smell it compared to your one at home.."
I did, she won. Not only was the difference of the coconut aroma so much more aromatic and mesmerizing but as I was using it, I noticed a huge difference with how it laid on my skin. Skinny&Co. products absorbed quickly, didn't sit on my skin and stay greasy. The oil-pulling tasted light due to its peppermint essence and made the 10 minutes bearable! **those of you who oil pull, you know what I'm talking about. 
Then it was time for the real challenge. A week's worth of their Skinny & Co. Facial Oil. I was so skeptical, not for oil use, by the way. Those of you who know me know I LOVE my face oils and my Bare Naked Botanicals Hallelujah Serum.  As I opened the jar, I noticed the light peppermint scent they add to the face oil, as I applied it to my face, I noticed the light soft texture it gave while easily dissolving into my skin.  After 1 day, I was hooked but wanted to wait a week to see if I broke out. 
Well, its been 2 weeks, no break outs and I'm seriously eating all of the coconut products while slathering them all over my body too! 
If you guys want to give one of your daily products a face lift, I HIGHLY recommend getting one of the Skinny & Co. Oils. Personally, I use Body Butter, Facial Oil & Oil Pulling. 
For a list of all the products, uses and treatments... click here!
For any questions, comments or need a consultation for what you think would be best for you, you know you guys can always contact me at
Don't forget that living the EASY life is living for the Earth, Animals, Strangers  & You. Happy EASY Weekend Everyone!!! 

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