Surrender to Self Care // 3 Things you can do NOW!

January 18, 2018

Surrender to Self Care // 3 Things you can do NOW!

The New Year is finally over, the craziness has finally died but you somehow still feel fried?? Here are 3 simple tips you can do RIGHT NOW when you need moments of "me time". 

1. Put Down the Phone. 
Don't throw it! But seriously, do you guys ever notice how much anxiety and tension looking at a tiny screen all day gives us? Ugh, I can feel it in my neck and back now! Take just 15 minutes, RIGHT NOW and UNPLUG.  Take a walk, take a bath, sit on your bed and gaze at the ceiling while daydreaming, sit by the window and watch the cars pass by, something.. anything! Anything to help alleviate the jitters that come from our addiction to checking our phones for any updates. 

2. Get in the Car & Blast Your Favorite Song. 
And sing and car dance like no one is watching. Okay, so this might not help you unwind but when you're jamming your favorite band, this helps take your mind off of all the pressures that you may be feeling or at least make you vibe so high that new ideas and solutions come to mind. FUN FACT! In addition to making you feel good, music can also be used to decrease depression, reduce stress and anxiety and improve one's mood. Also, you know the chills you get when you listen to music? That's mostly caused by the brain releasing dopamine while anticipating the peak moment of a song. It's really amazing how music can bring such high energy to your life and leave you feeling like yourself again. 

3. Bathroom Break 
This is probably on every single list I ever write out. Taking a night, an hour, 30 min or even 5 minutes to take time and treat yourself some R&R. This can entail a bath, a face mask, a glass of wine or cup of hot tea, soft music in the bathroom, popping your pimples, painting your nails, tweezing your hairs... Something about the melodic routine of fixing, smoothing and grooming yourself allows you to zone out, fix your fixings and pamper yourself. Bonus: the end result is always feeling light as a feather and looking good! Goodbye chipped nail polish, hello freshness! 

These are great for me but I would love to hear what you all do for your moments of Me Time! Feel free to share! 

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