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Providing information for personal compassion projects and supporting brands that give back and small businesses that are fighting the good fight in the USA.

This is our number one. When you change, the world changes and we are here to support your purpose along the way.



EASY began way before the company ever actually came into existence. I had been working in fashion for over 15 years and found myself hopping from brand to brand, trying to find the one that best suited me. After many promotions, job hopping, climbing up and getting pushed off the ladder, working for great fashion brands, I still felt empty. I longed to do something that was beyond me.  I wasn’t really sure what that meant, what that looked like or what it was so, I dove into books and studied topics that revolved around health, community, activism, meditation, self-reflection, freedom and preservation.  It was a way for me to escape the jobs that I had essentially had no connection to and find out what I was all about. This went on for many years, constant learning and self evolution.

 Since I grew up in a household that loves food and my father was running one of the first vegetarian restaurants in Arizona, I thought my path would lead me towards food. I spent some time with hands-on study learning about restaurants, health and wellness, while also getting my health coaching certification.  I transitioned to a small boutique, going to school and planning out this amazing new career path of coaching, health and wellness. I had come up with EASY on my 30th birthday, it came to me during mediation, EASY—-earth, animals, strangers and you. “hmm, seems like an easy path to live by. embrace and nourish those four things…).

 My mom, who was one of my biggest supporters, she had been battling cancer for a couple years at that point and we were coming off my stepfather’s passing from cancer (53 years old, 2 years prior) and my sister passing from lupus (26 yrs old, 10 years ago). My mom herself was also young, so the news about her getting breast cancer was just too much to stomach. I became obsessed, showing her what to eat, how to eat it, how chemicals and toxins can seep in and deform cells, how mind and body are linked, how meditation can help heal the soul… everything. I was a fanatic, my mom probably wanted to kill me.

 Then, I received the news that I had never thought would come. My mom was dying.  She only had a week or so. Without going into too much dramatic detail, I rushed home to Arizona to be with my mom during her passing. I miss her dearly and think of her every single day. 

 Death does funny things to you. It brings you closer to yourself, closer to your dreams, your goals, your family, your soul. Where there is so much sadness, there is also so much life. It brings people back from the living dead and live their lives to the fullest. That is what happened to me. After losing my mom and many of my other family members, I wanted to live a life that I felt proud of and (most importantly to me) effective for others. I quit my then high paying gig as a GM and decided to launch EASY. I spent months debating what I really wanted from it and what I wanted to give. I thought of my mom often. How could I help women (or men) who may be stuck in an unhealthy routine that could possibly lead to more disease? How can I incorporate my values of animal integrity and environmental concerns? How can I make it easy for people to live a cleaner, less harmful life?  

 Well, that’s how it began. I thought of myself, my mom, my friends. I listened to stories of how people didn't know how to shop for vegan or cruelty-free items.  I listened to how they would look but gave up because going back to their other products was just easier and they didn't have to think. I listened to how people wanted to make a difference but didn't know how to with how busy their lives were. 

 I knew product for beauty and home was the way to go too. I myself am a huge product junkie and spent over a year swapping out items in my life to more sustainable and cruelty-free lifestyle. It’s a territory that is still unchartered and we are all ready to make a difference. Even if that difference comes from just simply buying better. 




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