Work With Fati


Are finding yourself wanting to change or feel at ease and don't know how to get started?

If you are... 

-feeling stuck

-feeling hopeless

-want to be more positive 

-need to practice more self-love

-hold yourself to a higher standard

-need new people around you who lift you higher?

-need to clean up your food, health and beauty routine?

If you answered yes to any of these, then I think it’s time we talk!





I’ve worked in fashion, food and beauty and each vehicle has made something more and more clear, I’m meant to work with you. One-on-one. I work at guiding people to a feeling of peace and a sense of purpose and meaning in themselves. The core of my work is helping you identify and listen to your inner voice, your gut and loving that core. 

Let me help you get to your next step and on a higher vibration.

Program includes:

-weekly 45 minute session

-one-on-one phone calls

-step by step work for personal realignment 

-texting and call tune-ups

-food and beauty makeover

-weekly reflective work 

-book recommendations 


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