Persian Garden Cafe Cookbook

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This is my cooking Mecca.  

The PGC cookbook is a 100+ page gem of recipes that took my father over 30 years to create.  With an education in Macrobiotics and his Persian background, this culinary delight is a tool for you to bring the healthiest, most delicious meals to your table.  With a blend of Mediterranean and Persian influences, the abundance of herbs and spices blended with vegetables and legumes, your body and brain will love each dish.  

I have personally made all of them, in the kitchen and in restaurant.  Some require more prep time than others but biggest lesson learned is to prep as much as you can before hand and keep the leftovers for the next dish.  Most ingredients are used regularly in between the recipes.  Also, if you make items such as cugurt or garlic butter, those go with practically every meal!  

Recipes include such favorites as: Merza Faranghee, Lentil Soup, Angel Hair Salad, Cugurt and More!

Each meal can be made with or without meat, with or without cheese so vegans and vegetarians rejoice!  This cookbook is for everyone and anyone who wants to eat well, feel better, laugh much and live longer. 

Type: Kitchen

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